Dr. GB Hewawasam, the CEO of ManoLead/FineFinish Engineering/INT Terminal Travel Group, was featured in the Forbes Expert Panel for his professional insight on the “Hottest Topics in Industry Niches.

In the realm of professional coaching, a myriad of niches exists, each with its own buzzworthy subjects that dominate discussions. As the coaching landscape evolves, these trending topics reflect the burning issues faced by clients and the ingenious strategies coaches employ to tackle them. In a world of constant change, these hot coaching topics illuminate clients’ foremost worries and showcase coaches’ groundbreaking methods to guide them through.

Dr. GB Hewawasam brought to light the hottest topic in his niche: The Practice of Original Mindfulness.

“The practice of original mindfulness involves guarding the senses before starting the practice, relaxing the body while watching for tension and letting it go during the practice. To relax does not mean to do something, but to stop doing. When you guard the senses, you don’t allow emotional thoughts to come into your mind. This develops a greater sense of calm and resilience in the face of stress.” – Gamini Hewawasam, PhD

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