INT Terminal, established in 2012, is a reputable air travel company specializing in luxury, corporate, private, and leisure travel. We offer well-organized itineraries tailored to individual needs worldwide. Accredited with ARC, ASTA, and IATAN, we have strong partnerships with major aviation entities, providing an impressive fleet of luxury jets for corporate and leisure travel. INTT Advisor is a part of INT Terminal Travel Group and offers services to travel agents and independent travel consultants. We facilitate comprehensive training and working solutions for all prospective travel agents, offering skill sets that encourage independence and competence. Our consolidative strategy ensures that our loyal clientele enjoys unparalleled travel rewards and cost benefits.


INTT Advisor, an entity under INT Terminal Travel Group, is dedicated to providing services to travel agents and independent travel consultants to enhance their experience with clientele and strengthen their foundation.

What Makes INTT Different

At INTT Advisor, we are more than just travel agents. We know the ins and outs of airfare options, and we work closely with our partner airlines to find the best deals for your clients. We also ensure that your clients have a smooth and hassle-free travel experience, from the moment they book with us until they reach their destination. Choose us for a partnership that delivers precision, efficiency, and satisfaction. Choose us for a partnership that makes a difference.

A Partnership Beyond Transaction

Any travel advisor knows that customer retention is critical. In a highly competitive landscape, the key to sustaining and growing your client base lies not just in the transaction but in the relationship you build. INTT Advisor aims to make this relationship more robust and more efficient. With a 24/7 Worldwide Control Center, we offer real-time updates and immediate action on travel irregularities.



To advocate travel on travelers’ terms.


To ensure utmost satisfaction of travelers by virtually being with them to attend to their needs—from the moment of booking till reaching the destination.


At INTT Advisor, we pride ourselves on our extensive global network that spans across continents. This vast network, coupled with our deep understanding of the aviation industry, allows us to provide unparalleled travel solutions, transcending geographical boundaries and exceeding client expectations.

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Founder & Ceo

Dr. Gamini Hewawasam Ph.D., MBA, CTIE

As an expert in the airline industry with over 20 years of experience, GB has demonstrated his global leadership capabilities by simultaneously leading multiple companies located in opposite parts of the world. GB possesses extensive knowledge of air tari s, flight operations, and customer care, and he is experienced in working with Star Alliance, SkyTeam, and Oneworld. He has utilized his experience and expertise to develop the unparalleled service of INT Terminal and serve various airlines as an advisor. His innovative approaches have enabled INT Terminal to ensure customer satisfaction and successfully navigate through the challenging times of the airline industry.

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