New Rules of Engagement to become [better citizens] in Sri Lanka

By Dr. GB Hewawasam, Forbes Coach Council

Dear Children!

About the webinar

Majority of youngsters today intend to migrate for studies and work but before leaving this country it is important to unlearn.

According to a research carried out on mental health; the mental health problems prevalent among adolescents in Sri Lanka is higher than the global average.


The research conducted also indicated that most of the upper grade students (grade 12-13) who are preparing for various competitive exams and university admission had higher mental problems. It is quite evident that youngsters are under immense pressure due to these competitive exams and the social structure that keeps them framed in a box. This webinar is primarily focused on breaking the children from this bond of thinking within a box.

Youngsters of Sri Lanka are highly talented individuals with very innovative ideas but unfortunately the educational system and the society has confined the youths to think within a box. So, this sytem of thinking within a box impedes growth potential and leads to many mental health problems.

One of the best ways to approach mental health problems is to approach it by looking within oneself. This webinar Facilites this by disucssing

1. What, why and how to unlearn

Unlearning is the art of removing the barriers placed on the youth from a very early stage and this webinar will discuss what unlearning is, how to unlearn and why to unlearn.

2. Be good over do good.

We are often taught to be good than do good. We often hear from our parents, elders, teachers, religious leaders to do good but what we actually need to do is to be good. Being good is an approach to start looking within as opposed to doing good which is from outside.

Sunday the 18th of December from 09:00 am –10:00am.


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