Dr. GB Hewawasam, the CEO of ManoLead / FineFinish Engineering / INT Terminal Travel Group, was recently featured in Forbes Expert Panel for his expert tip on the topic ‘Strategies for Business Owners To Conquer Distractions And Stay Focused’


Members pictured from left to right; Gamini Hewawasam, Joyce Talag, Thomas Gelmi, Barry Michael George, Bill Koch, Wendy Hanson, Agata Dulnik, Beth Fitzgerald, Kimberly Svoboda, Susan Hobson, Krishna Kumar, Lori Wilson-Hudson, Cheri Rainey, Priya Kartik, Kathleen Woodhouse.

Running your own company might seem like a 24/7 job that demands all of your focus as an owner, especially if you’re juggling several operational “hats.” When you are often interrupted, it can be difficult to find and keep the focus you need to achieve your goals.

Here is a tip from Dr. GB Hewawasam for staying focused on the bigger picture and your primary business objectives;

“Business owners should understand the difference between attention and awareness. Attention is focusing on what is inside or looking within. Awareness follows from the focusing of that attention. Looking and seeing are two different things. You may look but not see. Cultivating this awareness through deep internal attention can allow business leaders to remain mindful.”- Dr.Gamini Hewawasam

Dr. GB Hewawasam emphasizes the significance of business leaders understanding the distinction between attention and awareness and how cultivating awareness via deep internal attention may assist business leaders to remain mindful.

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