Dr. GB Hewawasam, the CEO of ManoLead / FineFinish Engineering / INT Terminal Travel Group, was featured in Forbes Expert Panel for offering his first-hand insight on the topic ‘How Coaches Start Unpacking New Clients.’


Members pictured from left to right; Cindy Lamir, Gamini Hewawasam, Joyce Talag, Mark Antoine, Andrew Tallents, Annette Franz, Sheri Nasim, Able Wanamakok, Csaba Toth, Leang Chung, Bronwen Sciortino, Shamila Mhearban, Tinna Jackson, Nikki Moberly, Brandy Simula.

If you work as a professional coach in any area, whether it be life, leadership, organizations, or another, before you can address the root causes of the issues your clients need help with, you must make them feel comfortable opening up to you. When a new client feels comfortable speaking openly, you may find out why they really choose to work with you and are better equipped to ask questions that get to the root of their biggest difficulties.

Below, Dr. GB Hewawasam describes how he begins working with a new client so that they may begin unraveling those essential concerns together, as well as why these tactics work effectively for him.

“I strive to understand my client’s point of view and negate any features of a self-centered relationship. Conflict arises when an individual only considers their own personal values and perspective, which is why I prioritize empathizing with my clients and making them feel visible. I do not impose forms of change upon my clients. I act as a guide to find the best techniques and solutions suited to them.” – Gamini Hewawasam

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