Dr. GB Hewawasam, the CEO of ManoLead / FineFinish Engineering / INT Terminal Travel Group,
was featured in Forbes Expert Panel for his professional input on the topic of ‘How Newly-Promoted Leaders Can Manage Evolving Workplace Relationships.’


Members pictured from left to right; Sohee Jun, Cheri Rainey, DN Prasad, Cindy Lamir, Jonathan H. Westover, Bryan Powell, Cristian Hofmann, Michele Cohen, Gamini Hewawasam, Krumma Jónsdóttir, Claire Chandler, Jodie Charlop, José Luís González Rodriguez

Taking on a new leadership job is a tremendous opportunity to have a greater effect inside your firm and can propel your career forward. Becoming a new leader, on the other hand, brings with it new problems, especially if you have been promoted inside your current firm. In addition to taking on greater responsibilities, newly promoted leaders must successfully manage changing workplace relationships.
Below, Dr. GB Hewawasam provides an expert strategy for developing solid new professional connections and sustaining current ones by setting healthy boundaries and realistic goals.

“New leaders should focus on setting healthy boundaries and realistic goals. Establishing a proper sense of their own personal limitations and abilities makes it easier for a leader to handle their responsibilities and maintain their relationships. If a leader does not understand their physical and mental capabilities, they may become overwhelmed with stress, which can burden interactions with others.” – Gamini Hewawasam

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